Why Does Your Phone Battery Wear Down Over Time?

Why Does Your Phone Battery Wear Down Over Time?

Nothing is more annoying than a phone battery that doesn’t seem to hold a charge or constantly dies. You can expect a brand-new smartphone to have a working battery, but the longer you use the device, the more the battery will deteriorate. But why does your phone battery wear down over time? There are several reasons why this could be happening to your device.

You’re Using Improper Charging Practices

Most people think they should let their phone completely die, then plug it into the outlet until it reaches 100 percent. In fact, many people leave their phones to charge all night while they’re asleep, no matter what percentage the battery is at. This practice will minimize the number of full chargers you can receive from your battery, causing it to wear down faster.

Never let your phone go below 20 percent or above 80 percent for optimal charging practices. In either case, charging the battery will cause it to degrade over time. Battery degradation is unavoidable, but you can prolong the battery’s life by using the best charging practices.

Your Brightness Is Turned Up

The brighter your screen display is, the more energy your phone uses to power the device. This is primarily an issue for individuals who are not using their devices. For example, if you don’t set auto-lock on your phone, you could set it down and forget about it with the screen lit up for several minutes. Make sure to lock your phone when it’s not in use and turn down the brightness to conserve energy.

Background App Refresh Is On

Background app refresh is a feature on your phone that allows apps to update and check for new content, even when you’re not using the app. As you can imagine, when your apps constantly refresh, it takes a toll on your battery. Turn off your background app refresh if you want to save battery life.

Try To Only Use Wi-Fi

You can use the internet on your phone in two ways: Wi-Fi or data. When you use data, your phone will constantly search for connections in nearby cell towers so you can continue using the internet no matter where you are. This will severely drain the battery. Try to use Wi-Fi as much as possible because it will use less energy.

Your Device Is Old

Unfortunately, your phone battery will wear down with age. In the case that your smartphone is outdated, you will need to purchase an upgrade to take advantage of a new battery. We recommend buying refurbished phones because they are affordable, and it keeps that phone out of a landfill. Wamatek has several options for refurbished phones to choose from on our website.

Before you decide you need a new phone because the battery is subpar, investigate the above instances to ensure they are not the issue for poor battery life. Try better charging practices, lowering screen brightness, turning off background app refresh, and only using Wi-Fi to prevent premature wear on the battery. Remember to shop with Wamatek if you need a new device!