Wamatek Advantages


There are several companies and people out there selling and buying phones every day. Of which some are reputable and some have a trace of errors. You can go on Facebook Marketplace to buy or sell a phone, so why should you choose Wamatek?


No one in this business cares about you or your needs, quite like we do at Wamatek. This is because we know how important your phone, tablet, and laptop are to you. We listen to you, we understand what will make you happy and deliver it to you as promised. Likewise, if you are selling your phone, tablet or laptop in order to buy another, we know it might be for an urgent purpose, so we do everything in our power to make sure you get paid fairly and quickly.


Trust is important, and trust is what we operate on. We are a trusted company here to deliver quality products. We are also here to help save you time in selling your devices by buying them directly from you. Our electronic devices, while preowned, are from global providers and reliable dealers.


We do our best to make sure we give you the best price possible. If we can’t, we’ll match the price you find elsewhere. The only time we may not be able to beat or match a price is when you are comparing the price of a broken or cracked phone to our own fair, good or excellent phone conditions. And if you are selling to us, we go through the technical overview of the phone and pay you quickly. We do not cheat our clients, we understand you have an option to go somewhere else and we want to keep you as a valued customer.


Time is as important as money. We do our best to respond to you, your questions or requests in a timely manner. We strive to deliver orders on time or earlier than we promise. Our technical overview of the device you are trying to sell to us doesn’t take days to be carried out. We have technicians on site working daily to do this, so we can pay you as timely as you expect.


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Reviews & Testimonials

I was going to do 300 stars but google won’t let me.

I sure recommend this store. Ask for Deji.

- Nickie

Amazing service, always friendly, phone prices are great!!

Highly recommend!

- Esteban

Good customer service.


- Wonsehlea