Which Apple iPhone is the top choice for you?

Which Apple iPhone is the top choice for you?

Choosing the best iPhone can involve a lot more than just selecting the latest or most expensive model, as different models are ideal for different types of people, and while Apple doesn’t make as many phones as some companies, all of its phones are excellent.

Plus, thanks to Apple’s policy of supporting phones for a long time, older models also remain viable for quite a while. All of which means there are a surprisingly large number of great iPhone models to choose from.

Even if all you’re interested in is the latest and greatest models – meaning the iPhone 12 range – there are four quite different phones to choose between, from the standard iPhone 12 itself to the premium iPhone 12 Pro, the massive iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the refreshingly compact iPhone 12 mini.

Beyond those, there are a selection of older iPhones – including the iPhone 11iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and a number of others which have been discontinued but can still be found at stores such as WAMATEK.

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