The Right Way To Save Your Phone if It Gets Wet

The Right Way To Save Your Phone if It Gets Wet

We’ve all experienced the dread of accidentally dropping our phone in the toilet or spilling a glass of juice over it. We must act quickly to prevent any moisture or water damage to our devices. You might have heard of the rice method, but this can actually scratch your phone, or the rice can get stuck in the ports, damaging the hardware. If you find yourself in this situation, consider using our tips for the right way to save your phone if it gets wet.

Immediately Take the Phone Out & Turn It Off

If any liquid spills over your smartphone, remove it from the puddle as quickly as possible. The longer your device stays in the liquid, the higher the chances of damaging the device. You should also power down the phone immediately to prevent it from short-circuiting.

Remove Any Accessories

Your phone should be completely bare before using any techniques for absorbing the water. Any phone cases or accessories on the phone can trap water and further damage it. Remove the accessories after removing the device from the liquid and powering it down.

The Desiccant Method

We all know the tiny little packets that come in consumer packaging that says “Do not eat” or “Keep away from children.” It is in your best interest to save these packets because the material inside is perfect for absorbing moisture and water—more so than rice. Collect these packets or purchase desiccant pouches online until you can fill an entire container. Place your water-logged phone into the container of packets and allow them to do their job.

The Drying Technology Method

New technology also extracts moisture and liquid from your phone using a vacuum chamber and low heat. Technologies such as DryBox or TekDry are great devices you can use for this method! The right way to save your phone if it gets wet is to insert it into the chamber of the device and allow the technology to use pressure from the vacuum and low heat to extract and dry the liquid in your phone.

Power the Phone Back On

After 24 hours in the desiccant packets or however long the manufacturer of the drying technology recommends, take your phone out to ensure it’s completely dry. If you don’t notice any moisture, try powering the phone back on. If it turns on, you’re likely in the clear! If it doesn’t, you may need to retry the drying method, take it to a professional, or purchase a new phone.

If you’re in a pinch and do not have desiccant packets or a drying device on hand, then you could use kitty litter! This method is better than rice because it’s more gentle on your phone. Wamatek knows how important your device is to you and the feeling of dread that comes with water-damaged technology—consider buying and selling your used cell phone to replace your water-logged phone. Try the above methods first, but if all else fails, you can purchase a new phone from us by selling your old electronics.