The Best Ways To Recycle Old Electronics

The Best Ways To Recycle Old Electronics

Did you know that in most states, throwing away old electronics in the trash is illegal? So, if that isn’t an option, what are the best ways to recycle old electronics? Even though the garbage and landfills are not an appropriate option, there are still plenty of other routes you can take to recycle electronic devices safely. Next time you need to dispose of an old computer or smartphone, consider the methods discussed here.

Why Can’t You Throw Away Electronics?

In most cases, throwing away electronics in a landfill is illegal because these devices contain harmful materials. Chromium, lead, mercury, and other heavy metals from the electronic will leach into our water and soil, causing pollution.

Therefore, to keep these harmful contaminants away from our soil and water, disposing of electronics in the trash is never the route you should take. Instead, try our other methods.

Give the Electronic a Second Home

When the device you are trying to recycle is still functioning, why not give it a second home? Someone in your life might be searching for an affordable option to replace their broken device. You can make a little cash on the side and provide your friend or neighbor with a new (to them) device!

Sell Back to a Refurbishing Company

Is your device still working, but you can’t find a second home for it? Wamatek will give your old device a second life! We buy your old devices, refurbish them, and sell them as used electronics at an affordable price. Consider selling us your old phone or tablet to make some extra cash. Plus, you’ll know your device will continue to get used.

Drop Off the Electronic at a Recycling Center

For broken devices that no longer function, you can always drop off the electronics at a recycling center. However, not all recycling facilities can dispose of electronic devices. So, you must ensure the place you’re dropping the device off can recycle them. You can typically find non-profit organizations within your community, or perform a quick internet search to find the right place.

Take the Device Back to the Tech Manufacturer

Where did you purchase this electronic? Was it from Best Buy, Sprint, Apple, or a different tech manufacturer? Many of these companies offer programs for customers as a way to recycle their old electronics. Some tech companies might purchase your device back from you or provide store credit or rewards for recycling with them.

There are several options you can choose from when you don’t know what to do with an old device. Make a little money selling your phone back to a refurbishing company or tech manufacturer, or do your due diligence by finding a recycling facility. Remember, anything is better than the landfill!