The 5 Most Interesting Updates Made for iOS 16

The 5 Most Interesting Updates Made for iOS 16

Every year, Apple updates its operating system to fix bugs and add new features for users. Over the years, these updates have brought loyal customers many new features, such as emojis, facial recognition passwords, and more. The most recent update from Apple has been the largest, providing customers with a magnitude of new features and elements. Here are the most interesting updates made for iOS 16.

Customizable Lock Screens

One of Apple’s biggest changes with its new operating system is customizable lock screens. Many of these changes were made so users could personalize their devices. With this update, you can choose more than one photo to shuffle through the lock screen, change the style and font of the date and time, add widgets, and create multiple different locks screens to choose from.

Focus Schedules

Focus mode was initially introduced during the iOS 15 update, but Apple has enhanced the feature for more functionality. Now, you can make focus schedules. You can preset times of day for focus mode to turn on automatically. Using a focus schedule, you can set boundaries by blocking specific apps and hiding information to minimize distractions.

Editing iMessages

Have you ever accidentally sent a text message to the wrong person? Or maybe misspelled a word or forgot to add a thought to a text? One of the most interesting updates made for iOS 16 is the ability to edit your iMessages. For example, if you send a text that says, “Do you want to go our tonight?” you can edit the text to fix the spelling error to “out” without double texting the person. You can even unsend messages if the person you’re sending them to also has iOS 16.

Shared iCloud Photo Library

iCloud isn’t new to iPhones, but sharing capabilities are! When you go on a vacation with your friends and want everyone to have access to the photos from the trip, you can create a shared iCloud photo library. You can share with up to five people, and everyone has equal permission to access the photos, edit, favorite, and save them.

Upgrade to Driving Route Maps

One of the most frustrating things about the map app on your iPhone is that it can only show you directions to a single destination. Meaning you couldn’t input extra stops into your route. With the iOS 16 update, you can now add multiple stops to your trip, see how much a transit fare will cost, and add transit cards to your Apple wallet. Now if you need to get gas quickly on your five-hour road trip, you can easily add a stop to your map without deleting your entire route.

It’s important to note that the iOS 16 update is not compatible with older versions of the iPhone. So, if you buy a used iPhone, it must between the iPhone SE (2nd generation or later) to the most recent iPhone, the iPhone 14. Take advantage of this update and purchase a compatible device from Wamatek!