The 5 Most Common Myths About Android Phones

The 5 Most Common Myths About Android Phones

When you ask any smartphone user their opinion on the best device, you will probably get mixed answers. Apple users believe every myth about Android devices and vice versa. These misconceptions are utterly untrue and shed a negative light on these smartphones that mislead consumers. Keep reading to break down the most common myths about Android phones so you can understand what these devices really offer.

Every Android Is the Same

No two Android smartphone models are the same. Hardware manufacturers utilize Google’s Android when customizing operating systems. For example, the Samsung Galaxy performs differently than the Google Pixel, yet both are Android devices. How you interact with each model will vary drastically because each phone uses a different operating system.

Androids Are Challenging To Figure Out

Many people looking for new phones shy away from Androids because they believe they’re challenging to understand and complement tech-savvy individuals. Any new smartphone can be complicated for beginners to understand. It isn’t fair to assume all Androids are difficult to use because each uses various operating systems. The Samsung Galaxy might be intricate, but the Google Pixel is easy to use!

Malware Is Waiting Everywhere

One of the oldest and most common myths about Android phones is that malware is waiting everywhere. The same people believe iPhones are incapable of receiving viruses. In reality, everyone should be mindful of contracting malware or viruses on their smartphones. While this issue can be more common on Android smartphones due to a high number of users, using common sense and best practices when operating the device can help you avoid malware. It’s not waiting for you around every corner of your Android.

Androids Aren’t as Aesthetically Pleasing as iPhones

iPhone users are notorious for claiming their phone’s operating system is more aesthetically pleasing than any Android device. The same users have been continuously using the same OS for years—talk about boring! Android phones are much more personable because you can customize the phone with many features. You can create an aesthetically pleasing Android tailored to your needs and interests.

Google Apps Are Poor Quality

When Apple or Google adds new apps to their stores, Apple generally receives access first. However, most developers prefer to create their apps with Google and Android devices in mind because of the number of users. Believing that Google apps are poor quality is unwise when the evidence from developers suggests otherwise.

Don’t write off Android devices just because you believe every myth and misconception you hear. Android devices are great smartphones. If you’re looking for an affordable pre-owned Samsung phone, consider shopping with Wamatek!