Save Your Battery

We have all experienced the panicky feeling of a dying cell phone battery with no charger in sight. Sure, many newer cell phone batteries are made to last longer. Some even charge other cell phones. But in today’s world of cell phones running at full speed they can still drain quickly.

Tips to save the length of your battery:

Stop Using & Close Your Apps
Apps can drain the life out of your cell phone battery, especially those that have audio and are heavy on graphics.

  • Avoid checking Instagram, Twitter and Facebook until you’ve found a charger.
  • Don’t just minimize your apps, be sure to close them.
  • Check your settings, view the list of your apps and see how much battery each is using. This will give you an idea of what apps not to use when your battery is running low.

Turn the Brightness Down
Just like turning on too many lights at your home uses more energy, the same story is true with a bright cell phone. The more your phone has to work to provide a brighter backlight, the more battery it is using. Turn down your screen brightness to prolong your cell phone battery.

Turn on Battery Saver or Low Power Mode
Both iPhones and Androids feather a type of battery saving mode. Both have the same goal – to save the length of your battery. Basically, this setting will suspend background app refreshes, automatic downloads and other things that may be running in the background that might bee draining your battery without you realizing it.

Connect to WiFi
Connecting to wifi is helpful as you try to spare your cell phone battery. Using your cellular network requires more energy than utilizing wifi.

Disable Your Location
Many apps are tracking your location even when you aren’t using them. This is very helpful at times however it also drains your battery. Turn your location off and only turn it on when you really need it.

Turn on Airplane Mode
Airplane mode isn’t just for when you are flying. It’s also a great way to save your battery. There is a catch though. Your phone will not be fully usable. You will not be able to make or receive calls and texts, nor will you be able to surf the internet while in airplane mode. But it is a great option to conserve your battery when need be. Additional tip – when you do get to a charger if airplane mode is turned on your phone will charge at a slightly faster rate.

Next time your battery is running low and you need to conserve it we hope knowing these tips will be helpful.