Refurbished vs. Pre-Owned Devices: What Is the Difference?

Refurbished vs. Pre-Owned Devices: What Is the Difference?

Not everyone can afford to purchase the latest and greatest technological devices. Whether you’re in the market for a cell phone or a tablet, these products almost always come with a hefty price tag when you purchase them directly from the manufacturer. Fortunately, this isn’t your only option.

In recent years, it’s become more common to acquire second-hand devices rather than buying new ones. Not only is this cheaper for you, but you can even get a warranty out of the deal. Still, the question of which second-hand model is right for you remains. This is the difference between refurbished and pre-owned devices and how to best pick between them.

Refurbished Devices

To begin, refurbished products are those that were previously owned and returned to their manufacturer. Once back in the company’s possession, these models undergo repairs and diagnostics to put them back in working condition. After being fixed, cleaned, and repackaged, the device is often resold at a reduced cost. As such, purchasing a refurbished model is one of the best ways to acquire a deal on a like-new piece of technology.

Pre-Owned Devices

Pre-owned devices, on the other hand, are products that have been resold by a private seller after being used for some length of time. In these cases, the used item goes directly to a new owner without ever entering the hands of the manufacturer again. Because of this, price drops on these devices are significant, and it’s possible to find something at less than half it’s standard listing price. However, it’s vital that you acknowledge the risk that comes with this possible reward.

Certified pre-owned materials are more secure as they’re verified as coming from a trusted source. Because of this, you’ll want to check for seller verification prior to buying from them.

How To Choose Between Them

Now that you have a basic understanding of the difference between refurbished and pre-owned devices, it’s important to discuss deciding on one in particular. Both options have the potential to provide you with incredible deals on some great pieces of technology. But, in the case of pre-owned models, you have a slightly higher risk of purchasing a broken or faulty device unless you’re buying from a certified reseller.

Ultimately, your decision should revolve around what you can afford and your level of comfort in taking that additional risk. Weigh both the benefits and potential drawbacks to ensure you’re getting the right thing for your needs.

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