How To Thoroughly Clean and Sanitize Your Phone

How To Thoroughly Clean and Sanitize Your Phone

How often do you use your cell phone? How many places do you bring it with you? We encounter many kinds of germs and bacteria throughout the day, and our devices can house many of these germs. Thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing your phone is an essential practice to adopt into your routine. Keep reading to learn why cleaning your smartphone is necessary, the best way to clean the device, what you shouldn’t do, and much more.

Why Clean Your Smartphone?

Your smartphone is a “high-touch item,” meaning you touch it multiple times a day. This also includes other people handling your phone and resting it on various surfaces. Because of this, many bacteria can find their way onto it, which could harm your health. When you’re constantly touching your phone, ensuring you’re disinfecting the device is beneficial to your health and the longevity of your phone too.

How Dirty Are Our Cell Phones?

Studies have shown that our phones harbor ten times as much bacteria as our toilet seat. When you really think about this, it paints a not-so-pretty picture of the number of bacteria we could encounter daily.

Most bacteria come from our hands because we touch multiple things throughout the day while also handling our smartphones. However, it doesn’t stop there. You could also give your phone to other people, whether they’re adding their phone number or showing you a funny meme. This can then introduce their germs and bacteria to your device too.

Can Your Phone Get You Sick?

Most of the organisms on your devices aren’t pathogens that could make you sick. Albeit, some of the bacteria could pose risks, such as streptococcus, E. coli, MRSA, influenza, strep throat, etc. So, if you hand your phone to someone who carries these pathogens or viruses, you’re now at risk of contracting them due to your dirty cell phone.

The Best Way To Clean Your Smartphones

Technology and liquid don’t mix well together, so how do you thoroughly clean and sanitize your phone? It’s actually a simple process that requires minimal effort or supplies. Still, it’s best to double-check with your phone’s manufacturer to ensure you’re not using a cleaner they don’t recommend.

In general, the main ingredient or supply you’ll need to properly clean your smartphone is isopropyl alcohol. This isopropyl alcohol must have a 70 percent concentration because that’s high enough to kill the bacteria and germs on your phone’s surface.

Pro-Tip: You could always purchase anti-bacterial wipes that are easy to discard afterward. Many stores also sell wipes specific to electronics that you could get.

The first step in disinfecting your phone is to turn off the device and ensure it isn’t plugged in. You shouldn’t handle a clean device with dirty hands, so wash and scrub them for 20 seconds with soap and water before wiping down your phone. Take the isopropyl alcohol and a clean microfiber towel, then begin wiping the surface of the device, including the screen.

Never get alcohol or liquid in any of the ports or speakers on the phone. Never spray your anti-bacterial ingredient directly onto your phone. Always spray the alcohol onto a cloth or towel first. Lastly, allow the device to dry for a few seconds before handling it again.

Don’t Forget the Accessories and Phone Cases!

Your smartphone is likely in a phone case, which also touches other things frequently throughout the day. Therefore, it’s essential to sanitize this item as well. Furthermore, you’re probably also using headphones and other accessories with your devices that harbor germs and bacteria.

You can clean all your accessories the same way you clean your smartphone—with an anti-bacterial wipe or 70 percent isopropyl alcohol. However, because you can remove your phone case, it might be best to soak it in water and use soap to clean the surface. Remember, you should only do this if the phone case has a hard shell to avoid ruining a softer material.

How Often Should You Sanitize Your Phone?

Typically, health experts and manufacturers agree that you should disinfect the electronics you frequently use, such as a smartphone, about once daily. This removes any new bacteria your device might have accumulated throughout the day. While once a day is a great rule to follow, you can clean your device more than that if you want.

To get into the habit of doing this task, consider how you’ll work it into your routine. You could clean your phone after going out for the day or make a conscious effort to include cleaning your device in your regular nighttime activities. If you’re cleaning your face and brushing your teeth, why not also clean your device while you’re at it?

On a side note, if you purchase a used smartphone, you should clean it as soon as you receive it to ensure it’s ready for you to use.

What You Shouldn’t Do When Cleaning a Device

Do you remember the isopropyl alcohol from before? Don’t go above or below 70 percent. Anything below this won’t kill bacteria, and anything above this could potentially damage the phone’s protective coatings. This means you should also never use liquid bleach because it could damage your phone.

We mentioned this above, but you should never apply the cleaning agent directly on your device. Also, don’t let any liquid seep into the ports on the phone. It should go without saying, but you should also be sure to avoid submerging your phone into a liquid.

Lastly, never use a paper towel or facial tissue to clean your smartphone. This is critical because the fibers and lint on them can actually be abrasive and scratch the surface of your device. Plus, these materials can shred easily, which will leave debris behind. It’s in your best interest to use a lint-free microfiber towel.

When we use our smartphones day in and day out, sanitizing and disinfecting them is essential to their longevity and our health. Now is a great time to get into the habit of cleaning your device once daily. Stock up on the appropriate supplies so that you don’t forget to do this task every night. Do you clean your phone every day? Will you start after reading how important this is?

How To Thoroughly Clean and Sanitize Your Phone