5 Smartphone Trends To Watch For in 2023

5 Smartphone Trends To Watch For in 2023

Each year, new technology trends emerge. For example, foldable screens were all anybody could talk about regarding smartphones in previous years. But what smartphone trends should you watch for in 2023? If you want to upgrade your phone this year, consider purchasing a device with the current trends in focus.

Mobile Payments

In recent years, paying for your purchases via a mobile device has become quite popular. With Cash App, Venmo, Apple Wallet, Google Pay, and many other apps, paying for store items becomes much less complicated and more secure. Having your debit and credit cards linked to your mobile device is convenient, so you don’t have to carry extra cash. And if you accidentally forget your wallet at home—no worries—many stores and websites now allow you to use mobile payments!

5G Coverage

More and more major cities across the globe are adopting the 5G coverage network. In comparison with its 4G LTE counterpart, 5G has far less latency and far more speed. Many individuals looking into upgrading their devices are also looking for carriers that work on the 5G network, so they can take advantage of the technology. This coverage is by far the best any smartphone users have available, so it’s not hard to understand why it’s so popular.

A Smarter Home

When you search “smart home devices,” many electronics pop up. You can find anything from security cameras to thermostats. Because making your home smarter is a trend, many people want a smartphone that is compatible with these devices.

For example, you could use your phone to set the thermostat before you get home from work or turn off the living room lights if you’re already lying in bed. Many of Wamatek’s pre-owned electronics are compatible with smart devices or have an app to simplify using your phone and smart devices together.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

In the last year, augmented and virtual reality has become popular. However, virtual reality isn’t just for video games; you can do many other things with this technology. Many apps you can download on your smartphone use this technology to help users with various things.

For instance, you might use an app to decide whether a new furniture piece will match your living room decor. This app will place an augmented reality picture of the furniture item in your living room, so you can see what it would look like in your home!

Safety and Security

Do you think of your smartphone as an extension of your being? You should because it holds vital information, photos, and data. Protecting your privacy with a secure device is paramount for smartphone users. Because of this, manufacturers and tech giants are working to better security updates and safety measures to enhance user experience and satisfaction.

There are plenty of smartphone trends to watch for in 2023. These trends can help shape what each tech manufacturer decides to do with their upcoming electronics. If you’re purchasing a new smartphone this year, will you look for any of these trends?