Best Ways To Safely Clean Your Electronic Devices

Best Ways To Safely Clean Your Electronic Devices

Our electronic devices are an essential part of our lives, but most people forget to add the task of disinfecting them to their cleaning checklist.

Phones, laptops, tablets, MP3 players (if you still have one) are magnets for dirt, bacteria, fingerprint smudges, and other contaminants. In fact, your device might be dirtier than your toilet bowl!

We take our electronics everywhere with us, so it’s essential to clean them regularly. But how can you clean them without causing damage? Let’s look at some of the best ways to safely clean your electronic devices.

Spray Gentle Cleaning Solutions

Most devices are manufactured with a thin, protective coating that reduces fingerprints, improves smoothness, and protects the screens from damage.

If you use abrasive cleaning materials like Clorox or Lysol, the harsh chemicals wear the already-thin layer down, leaving your device susceptible to damage.

When cleaning your phone, try to use a mixture of 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% water to disinfect and protect your device’s coating.

Use a Minimally Textured Cloth

Try not to spray the natural cleaning solution directly onto the surface when cleaning, as it can seep into the device and cause internal damage. Instead, spritz the solution onto a minimally textured cloth and begin to wipe the device gently. A fabric that has a rough material can potentially scratch your screen.

Apply Compressed Air

Our keyboards tend to see a lot of bacteria, crumbs, and fingerprint smudges. Show them a little love by dumping debris and cleaning them out with compressed air. This can help to get into the tiny areas you can’t reach.

Keep in mind that compressed air is only suggested for keyboards, as a mobile device might be too sensitive for such a harsh cleaning solution.

Don’t Forget the Crevices

Whether you have a pre-owned Samsung or a brand-new Apple iPhone, be sure to clean the crevices out of your device.

While our phones might look clean on the exterior, there might be a plethora of bacteria hiding around the edges, so be sure to use a cotton swab to reach those places!

Try to clean your device at least once a day to reduce the spread of bacteria. Additionally, be sure to unplug your devices and turn them off before you start the process of safely cleaning your electronic devices.